Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Catch Up, Part II

Okay, so. (Who remembers that video?)
Let's continue with the Catch Up, Part II.

We spent a long weekend on a lake with the Nothwehr clan in Wisconsin. We decided to go a day early and spend time with Nate and Morgan in Chicago before driving up to the lake.

We went to a delicious restaurant. They had a Rocky poster. We felt right at home.

Another thing that made us feel right at home? That's right, more New Belgium beer!!

The sky looked so cool in the morning - this is the view from Nate and Morgan's window!

Another view from their house, looking toward the lake. Chicago! Such a fun city.

We wandered down to the lake and found a cute little family on their morning commute:

We went to the bean. Couldn't resist. (Andy Beall, that's your shirt!)

Then, we headed up to the lake in Wisconsin! A nice little drive. The sunsets over the lake were a gift - you don't really get to see stuff like this in the city (duh).

This is the only photo I took of people while we were there. Caleb and Mary playing at the dinner table:

On the drive back to Chicago, Caleb was determined to stop at a Casey's. When we actually found one, he was so excited!! If you don't know Casey's (I didn't before going to Iowa for the first time) - they have delicious donuts and pizza! We bought both on this little stop:

Back in Philly, late summer was producing lots of delicious food!!

We moved into a new house in August, with four of our friends. You can find a semi-tour of our house here, on Raven's blog.
We've since spent many nights cooking delicious meals together! Sometimes I am so excited about the food, I have to take a photo. Caleb makes fun of me, but how good does this look?? Fried okra and onions? Yes please!

Also, Peter (one of the roomies) bought a unicycle. It's purple.

Raven and I tag-teamed to make some cake toppers for my friend and co-worker's wedding:

Aren't they cute??

We lived through an earthquake and a hurricane, too. The hurricane's bite was way less than its bark for us, so we had time to just hang out together. Some of the roomies were very productive, and you can read about it (again!) on Raven's blog.
You can also read about our girls' weekend in NYC!

Let's see - what else has happened? Kate came to visit, Scott LoMurray made an appearance and our friend Matt Dooley did too. Caleb went to Cali for Buck's wedding and I took a trip to Denver for Thomas' wedding - so fun!! We are both very thankful we were able to make those trips. We hosted a Thanksgiving meal (twice), and have just finished up our last bits of school work. Whew! It's been BUSY. We'll try to get a more reflective post up soon. (Caleb is much better at those.)

Until then...love to all!!


  1. I just watched the end of the world video and laughed and laughed. Miss you. Love you.

  2. Dude I found you, Caleb what's up man? how's life!
    Some reason my name is worship leader on here, but its Seth Rowoldt from back at the old KU days!