Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A March Trip

That's right, March!  Once again, I am totally slow at ever sharing about our adventures.  I came across these pictures when I was uploading some others today.  Too great not to share!!

At the beginning of March, we headed to Georgia to stay at Sharp Top Cove for a mini-intern reunion.  It was a BLAST!  We, of course, missed Julie, Brita, Thomas, and Troy!!!  We had a good time, though, especially with Pete as our host!  Also, somehow I have zero pictures of Daron, Caleb (husband), Gillian or Dan.  Is anyone surprised that most of the pictures involve Caleb (cousin) and/or Pete?  I don't think so.

The usual suspects were in town.

Like I said, the usual suspects were in town.

We learned quickly that, well, Pete is still the Pete we know and love.

Caleb (cousin) and Kelly just enjoying the greatness of the AGL.

Awww, still as in love as ever!
How are all YL camps so beautiful??

At Cracker Barrel - I'll give you one guess who won. (Hint: Sleeper!)

A Southern MUST for Caleb (husband).  

We had a great time and were sad to leave some of our most dearly loved friends.  Shall we make this an annual event?  I think so!  On to planning for 2013...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Say what you need to say, Johnny!!

Do you think John Mayer actually wrote this post?

Also, do you think this was his idea?

If so, my love-hate relationship with him just took a big swing towards love.

*This post is in no way sponsored by, or even in the awareness of, Caleb. Yes, it's our blog, but sometimes I forget that. :)

**This post is in every way sponsored by an email I received from Janell about JM's new album this morning: "always ridiculous outfits...always great music".

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Question

Just recently, I asked Daron to make me a disc of some of her (fantastic) photos from our year at Crooked Creek together. I knew that I had probably seen all of them already, but I wanted to have them for myself for forever.

You can imagine my joyful delight when I came across this never-before-seen (by me) photo:

Which brings me to my question: How did we ever get anything done??

Friday, January 20, 2012


Yesterday I realized that we have AWESOME friends. (Duh.)
Many of these awesome people are quite adventurous.
I have been enjoying a few of these adventurous friends' blogs recently, and wanted to share them here!

Allow me to introduce you.

This is our, friend, Ryan. He lived in Philly last year and we discovered that he and Caleb are somewhat of kindred spirits. Awesome. A gift, really! But Ryan's adventure could not be contained to Philly. Or North America. Ryan is currently living in Bolivia, perfecting his Spanish, fighting crime and schooling people in soccer (what's new).
You can follow his adventures here.

Meet Dave and Kacey. Kacey is one of my oldest and dearest friends and Dave is her fantastic husband. They are perhaps my boldest traveling friends .
Their adventures have included a year(ish)-long road trip, from Denver to Argentina and an adventure to the South Pole, the trip of a lifetime.
Be sure you have some time on your hands - it's easy to get sucked into their stories and photos!

Last but not least is J.Lo. She's started her new (annual) blog - The Propulsion System. I think this one's gonna stick because, well, she's on a new adventure (teaching middle school in the city), she's a wicked writer, and Dann (her husband) has built her an awesome website. What more could you ask for?

So, take some time, kick back, relax, and find a new blog love.
All I have to say is, "Yuh welcome".

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Catch Up, Part II

Okay, so. (Who remembers that video?)
Let's continue with the Catch Up, Part II.

We spent a long weekend on a lake with the Nothwehr clan in Wisconsin. We decided to go a day early and spend time with Nate and Morgan in Chicago before driving up to the lake.

We went to a delicious restaurant. They had a Rocky poster. We felt right at home.

Another thing that made us feel right at home? That's right, more New Belgium beer!!

The sky looked so cool in the morning - this is the view from Nate and Morgan's window!

Another view from their house, looking toward the lake. Chicago! Such a fun city.

We wandered down to the lake and found a cute little family on their morning commute:

We went to the bean. Couldn't resist. (Andy Beall, that's your shirt!)

Then, we headed up to the lake in Wisconsin! A nice little drive. The sunsets over the lake were a gift - you don't really get to see stuff like this in the city (duh).

This is the only photo I took of people while we were there. Caleb and Mary playing at the dinner table:

On the drive back to Chicago, Caleb was determined to stop at a Casey's. When we actually found one, he was so excited!! If you don't know Casey's (I didn't before going to Iowa for the first time) - they have delicious donuts and pizza! We bought both on this little stop:

Back in Philly, late summer was producing lots of delicious food!!

We moved into a new house in August, with four of our friends. You can find a semi-tour of our house here, on Raven's blog.
We've since spent many nights cooking delicious meals together! Sometimes I am so excited about the food, I have to take a photo. Caleb makes fun of me, but how good does this look?? Fried okra and onions? Yes please!

Also, Peter (one of the roomies) bought a unicycle. It's purple.

Raven and I tag-teamed to make some cake toppers for my friend and co-worker's wedding:

Aren't they cute??

We lived through an earthquake and a hurricane, too. The hurricane's bite was way less than its bark for us, so we had time to just hang out together. Some of the roomies were very productive, and you can read about it (again!) on Raven's blog.
You can also read about our girls' weekend in NYC!

Let's see - what else has happened? Kate came to visit, Scott LoMurray made an appearance and our friend Matt Dooley did too. Caleb went to Cali for Buck's wedding and I took a trip to Denver for Thomas' wedding - so fun!! We are both very thankful we were able to make those trips. We hosted a Thanksgiving meal (twice), and have just finished up our last bits of school work. Whew! It's been BUSY. We'll try to get a more reflective post up soon. (Caleb is much better at those.)

Until to all!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Catch Up, Part I

Wow, it has been too long! Way too long! We are not very good at this blog thing, I guess.

Now that we are about to finish the Fall semester of school, we are finally taking a breath. (Not quite, I guess. I have one paper left and Caleb has a few assignments before he's done...but we can feel Christmas Break in our bones!) After a morning of listening to Christmas music and decorating cookies, I was looking through our iphoto and noticed that there are photos in there that I've wanted to share since July! Sheesh! It's been a busy semester to say the least (more on that know, if we get around to writing about it).

So - without further ado, I give you, The Catch Up, Part I:

July was a busy month! I finished up a summer class, and we headed to Denver for a long 4th of July weekend. The sun and the blue sky were, of course, there to greet us magnificently.

So was a fully stocked fridge (Neil + Joaner really know how to stock a fridge):

I just love the New Belgium style! I thought this Folly Pack was pretty enough for a photo. Plus - you can't get New Belgium products in PA, so it felt like a treasure. :)

We took a trip to Lucile's. Duh.

We hit up the Piney Creek Pool and all tried to remember the last time we had been there. (Except Justin. He pretty much owns that place in the summer.)
This is maybe my favorite photo of Caleb ever:

My whole family took a walk to through the neighborhood to the park:

I clearly could work on my frisbee skills:

We took a Sunday afternoon drive/picnic up into the mountains. Just had to make it up there, even if only for an hour or so!

Probably my favorite part of the trip was spending hours looking through and listening to my parents' extensive record collection. It brought back so many memories of listening to them as kids! The Dinosaurs record ("Tyrannasaurus Rex was a very mean king...if it wasn't for him, we'd have a happy ending!"), The Music Machine, Kids Praise - so awesome! It also was fun to hear my parents reminisce about their records and imagine them in those stories.

A couple weeks later, we went on a weekend camping trip with some friends to celebrate Caleb's birthday! We made it to the Center Point Knob, which used to be considered the midway point of the Appalachian Trail. (Now, with GPS technology, the actual midpoint is some miles south.)

We had a great time with our friends! You can read about all the details on Raven's blog - here.

We also celebrated Caleb's birthday with our Philly Fam, who made him a DELICIOUS chocolate/banana cake.

Whew! That doesn't even really scratch the surface, but it's enough for now! In a nutshell, we went to Colorado, went camping in PA, Caleb turned 30, and we ate cake. Stay tuned for Part II...