Sunday, September 12, 2010

Joy because...
When we got married in January, so much in our lives was pointing to joyfulness. Friends, family, books, mentors seemed to all be speaking the same words to us: "Rejoice."So, this blog is a bit of a landmark, or footprint in that journey toward joy.

Peculiar because...
Joy lives and thrives in the midst of hard-to-read headlines. Since we moved to Philadelphia a month ago, the local news has been dominated by a scandal in city politics, trapped miners, decaying school systems.
Even personally, we're sorting through loneliness and longing in moving to a new place. It has often been a battle to find joy.
Amy took this picture as we were driving through Kansas en route to Philly. It was near dusk, and we were driving into dark clouds and a developing storm. Just as the sun was setting behind us, a rainbow stretched across the horizon ahead of us, in and among the rain and lightning. It was breathtaking. Beautiful. Peculiar.